Through our research, I was surprised to learn that this question stumps a lot of applicants.  Let’s unpack it:  When I ask this question what I want to know are 2 things:  1. Can I afford you?2. How much do you value yourself and your skill and if you did any research into the job?  Although you can skirt around this question by saying:  “My salary expectations are in line with my experience and qualifications” or “It’s flexible”.. I would strongly urge against doing that.  Do research the role, industry and the company and figure out what similar positions pay. From there consider your current comp and give yourself a raise (10% to 30%) that falls within the researched pay range. Do not under price yourself AND ️DO NOT price yourself out!  If a job pays $70k to $80k – don’t ask for $120k and equally don’t agree to take $50k.  I see a lot of people who price themselves out in the hotel industry by taking junior roles that pay a lot, later on they can’t transition anywhere else because they priced themselves out by being highly compensated at a junior role.  Always play the long game.  Money is exciting, but pricing yourself out of jobs can be a very real challenge.  Outline a range, highlight that you are flexible and understand that a lot goes into a compensation package. It’s not just your salary alone.  💰Its easier to get a high salary upon hire than to get an increase while working💰

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