Setting proper goals

Two years ago I went to see a therapist.

Although the reason for it may be strange to some for me it was a necessary experience.

I have always set goals that were age dependent. Don’t ask me why – I genuinely don’t know nor do I recommend it.

✅ Married by 25 (DO NOT replicate! You have no business being married by 25 and it should definitely not be a goal!!)

✅ Director Role by 28 (Replicate with caution as you will be missing wisdom and experience. Do check your ego; if you don’t you will struggle tremendously)

✅ certain annual income by 30

✅ Multi unit oversight by 33

❌ VP by 35 …….. queue the therapist

When it didn’t happen at 35, my self-esteem took a massive hit. My Imposter syndrome came back with vengeance and I struggled to find motivation. I guess I thought- if the goal wasn’t met then why bother at all.

The therapist wasn’t very good and I stopped seeing her after 3 sessions but I did go back to reading and doing self-work.

After a lot of self-searching here is what I learned:

✅ Don’t jump from goal to goal blindly
✅ Find joy in the process.

It seems so obvious and simple.

Unfortunately, for me it was about achieving the end result and for as long as I achieved – I never bothered to stop and actually enjoy the process. Missing a goal yanked me back to reality and made me question the process and outcome.

Life is a marathon – not a sprint. Goals are great but figure out why you set them and do your best to enjoy the journey

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