Self Confidence

“There is always someone better/more qualified than me”

You are right! There is always someone “better” than you.

I have no doubt that there is someone much smarter; quicker; more eloquent; intelligent and well-rounded than me. Someone who can run circles around me: living my life and doing exact same job.

But here is what I also know to be true – spending time thinking this way does NOTHING positive for me.

It brings nothing into my life but self-doubt and distraction. So – when my brain goes down this path, I say out loud (and this may sound stupid) – “I hear you brain, but you are wrong!”

It won’t work the first time you do it, but eventually it will. I can choose what I say to myself and I can choose what I believe to be true about me.

I learned to be self-confident, to not care what others think, to put my needs first (still a work in progress) and to believe that although there may be someone “better” than me – I AM EXTRAORDINARY in ways that only I can be. I strive to only be better than me yesterday.

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