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Don’t fear the COBRA

Cobra (consolidated omnibus budget reconciliation act) gives associates who lose their health insurance  due to employment loss an ability to purchase health coverage directly.  How/why you lost employment doesn’t matter. You…
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Everything is Negotiable

Well, maybe not everything. But here is a list of items you can negotiate for when you get a job offer. 1. Salary 2. Title 3. Paid time off aka vacation days 4. Benefits…
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10 Negotiating rules

I totally get that the current job market has left candidates with minimal options and less leverage, while employers are better positioned to dictate the terms  Those who are unemployed, or…
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Confidence is Key
Two men on job interview
“Tell me about yourself”
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How to ask for a salary increase
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How to become a confident public speaker
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What is your salary expectation?

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