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Our Growth page is a space for self-help and personal development. We bring light to unspoken topics in your personal and professional life. Join us on our journey to improve our mindset and share the “aha!” moments along the way

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Drama Triangle

Drama Triangle Stephen Karpman’s “drama triangle” is a model for dysfunctional social interaction.⠀Each triangle point represents a common and ineffective response to conflict.⠀Think back to the last conflict/drama you were…

Family Time

Family Time If you are one of the lucky ones to have a family that you love spending time with - I genuinely envy you.⠀I don’t have the same dynamic.⠀Unfortunately…

Setting proper goals

Setting proper goals Two years ago I went to see a therapist.⠀Although the reason for it may be strange to some for me it was a necessary experience.⠀I have always…
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Self Confidence
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